Terms & Conditions

All articles are shipped on buyers expense and risk through cheapest way through an acknowledged shipping company unless other is agreed with the customer. 

If products are damaged due to transportation, this must immediately be claimed at the shipping company, since SSR TRADE/SCHNELL TEKNIK never can be held responsible for this. 

Articles can only be returned after agreement with SSR TRADE, and returning freight costs is on customers expense. All goods to be returned must be unused and in original boxes. Fee of returning is 15% of the total value of the returned goods (according to invoice). 

Unless other is agreed, in a signed certificate of business corporation, payment terms are always money in advance. 

In cases where credit is given, and customer does not pay in time, interests of 5% per month will be given for each starting month. 

All of our products are sold with 2 year warranty (not running parts band, motor/gearbox etc.) Warranty value can never exceed original purchase value.

SSR-TRADE/SCHNELL TEKNIK can never be held responsible for loss due to delays caused by sub suppliers, transportation delay or any other circumstances which are out of the control of SSR TRADE/SCHNELL TEKNIK

 The newest version of our business terms & conditions can be found at www.ssr-trade.com

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