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Oil Skimmers   Conveyor Filters
Oil Skimmers for oil surface oil removal
  • Capasity up to 20ltr/hour
  • Acid/alkali proof skimmers
  • Skimmers for many purposes

Manufacturer: Schnell Teknik

  Conveyor filters for removal of unvantes particles in liquids
  • Ideal when maximum process up-time is needed
  • Capasity up to 800 ltr/min
  • We can deliver custom filter rolls according to your needs

Manufacturer: Schnell Teknik

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Reverse Osmosis   Accesories for coolant maintenance
Reverse Osmosis Plants for water treatment
  • Standard units with capasity up to 3m3/hour
  • Models for household and industry
  • We can delivery pre treatment unit


  Accesories for coolant maintenance
  • Mixer valves
  • Refractometers
  • pH meters
  • Spill Containment Trays with automatic pump function.


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Bag Filter Systems    
Bag FIlter Systems and media for removing unwanted particles in liquids
  • Max flow rates up to 1450m3/hour
  • Filtration degree down to one micron
  • We can delivery custom filter media according to your needs


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