SSR TRADE is a part of SCHNELL TEKNIK who is a production company and a market leader in cost saving equipment for indutrial purposes. Our main products are Oil Skimmers and Filter Systems.

We supply oil skimmers for almost any purpose. From Tramp Oil Skimmers for tool machinerys coolant tank, to larger oil skimmers for heavy duty oil removal in sumps, pits and tanks.

Our filter division produces and sells conveyor filters, which are belt filters, using the gravity principal to remove high amounts of particles, and only lead filtered water through. We also produce and sell equipment for fine degree of water filtration, such as Bag Filter systems, which are capable of removing particles of 1 micron. We have filter systems to support flow rates up to 1450 m3/h!

For the ultra fine filtration we have water treatment plants, which can remove particels down to the size of 0,01 micron.

We also produce and sell are varity of accesories for coolant and factory maintenance, such oil/spill/chemical absorbing products, mixer valves for mixing your cutting fluids, refractometers for many usages, handheld pH meters, level switches and spill containment trays with integrated pump function.

We intend to give our customers the best experience when using our products. You are therefore always welcome to contact one of our staff members to get information or an offer. On the following pages you can find information on all our products.

In the countries in which we are represented by a distributor, we will only sell through them. For countries where we are not represented, we will sell directly from the factory.

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Conveyor Filters Bag Filters
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